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I've told this story before, but I'm an old guy and can do that kind of stuff...

When I was 13 or 14, I had a "Marco Polo" nylon string guitar - it was part of a "6 lessons and a free guitar" thing that my Mom got me into... I went to the first lesson, got the guitar... and never went back!

So, I'm "camping out" on the golf course that our home abutted; me and several friends (and a couple of girlfriends!) - someone brought a bottle of something and we all got a bit tipsy...

One of my best friends (and keyboard player in our garage band) was in his sleeping bag, with his girlfriend... they were both drunk - and when Jerry tried to stand in the sleeping bag (it was still zipped up!), he lost his balance and fell onto my "Marco Polo", semi-crushing the face of it... then he started laughing hilariously as I inspected the damage...

I looked at the guitar - still looked like a guitar, even though I knew it was shot - and I looked at him, laughing like a maniac...

And I picked up the guitar by the neck and EL KABONG'ed HIM!!! It was lightweight plywood, and just smashed over the top of his head perfectly; he was sitting on the ground with strings around his neck... and he was laughing even harder!

It was a "once in my llife" sort of thing...never to be repeated, I'm sure!

John Seth Sherman

"It breaks my heart, to see those stars,
smashing a perfectly good guitar..."

John Hiatt - "Perfectly Good Guitar"
"Statistics are one of the most limiting sources of information ever devised by man.
Our job is to do the impossible; we don't need to hear that it can't be done..."
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