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John - thanks man, it's been a hectic couple of months but the excitement has flared up again since seeing the box closed! I'm well familiar with a 25.75" scale, and even had a 25.9" on a previous custom. I was sad to let the FF option go, but I know the standard long scale will serve me well. And thanks for the heads up on the neck profile - Marc's neck is a big part of the reason I fell in love with his guitars over the years. My hands are large but not huge, and his standard profile is a great fit.

And yeah, the strum arrows are a welcome addition Maybe we should add some LEDs to the fretboard to light the way? lol

Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
I don't think Cheerios works with the rest of the build aesthetic. I would have Marc remove that before final delivery. I also think it's a bad idea to block off the sound hole.

I would also insist he glues the binding instead of simply taping it. I know that's an uncharge, but I've found it's worth it in the end. It is cool that he puts the time on that one piece of tape, so I would leave that piece.
Man, I said the same thing but Marc told me to eat my Wheaties and trust the process ... he also said something about this being a relic model, not sure what that means

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Im so excited for you, man. And even more excited to see photos come October.

I've been really enjoying my 25.75" scaled SJ. I keep either D'addario EJ or Nickel Bronze mediums on it and keep it tuned down to either DGCFAD (standard, but a full-step down) or CGCFGC (dadgad a full step down) and it just roars. Tuning it to standard pitch is fine too but I think the big body works amazing for lower voicings. Stays nice and clear and sounds super "open". The setup on mine is as good as it gets too, hasn't moved a bit.
Thanks, Dustin It's evident in your great demos how much you're connecting with yours. Hope to hear live vids of it at some point - did you put a pickup in it yet? I've fallen in love with the Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze mediums, so that'll be the first thing I try on mine.
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