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Default Televisions in Restaurants...

Given 24 hour/day news and sports programming, it seems that wall-mounted flat screens have become pretty common place in less than fine dining establishments. Sometimes they grab our attention and sometimes they're just background visuals like wallpaper or murals that are constantly changing. I got some Chinese take-out the other day and while waiting for my order, I watched what appeared to be a Chinese channel. The show displayed not only how chefs prepared eel dishes but also how to gather eel in the wild and how to skin eel before going into the wok. This was really gross to watch, and the only saving grace was that none of the diners seemed to be watching and I hadn't ordered anything resembling eel. Anybody else ever have that experience of seeing a television on the wall at a restaurant that should have simply been turned off? For that matter, do televisions even belong in restaurants???
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