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I've owned one BRW guitar; it was made by a luthier that almost exclusively only used BRW. His sets were first rate and he knew how to use them. It had a wonderful sound. I've gravitated to smaller instruments, so unfortunately I did end up selling it due to its body size and lack of a soundport.

Here's a photo of the Brazilian back/side set that was used:

I would not get a BRW guitar just because it's BRW. If it wasn't a great set (quartersawn and lively), and if it wasn't made by someone that knew how to get the most out of it, I'd have no interest.

For rosewoods, my preference is BRW but I also enjoy denser RW such as Cocobolo and Honduran. But, as others have said the glassy top end is not always what I want. One of my current guitars is made with Pernambuco and the other is Cuban Mahogany. I'd imagine my next, if I get another, will be a 00 body in Honduran Mahogany, but if a magical BRW 00 or OM appears I may need to get it.

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