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Originally Posted by 4mykey View Post
Glad you like it! When I visited Nick to commission my OM this summer, he showed me your guitar and I was really impressed with it. I'm normally not a jumbo fan, but yours has excellent balance. Very even across the registers. And it looks beautiful to boot! I love the rosette! Enjoy getting to know it! Cheers.
It must have been really interesting to visit Nick’s workshop. Someday, when travel is possible again, I want to get to Portland and see where Nick works his magic. Speaking of magic, Nick does seem to have managed to make this guitar a big OM in terms of how it sounds. I look forward to hear about your OM.

Originally Posted by iim7V7IM7 View Post
Congratulations on your new Franklin.... I have had my OMc from Nick for almost two years now and like yours it was great from the get go, but it and it just keeps getting better and better...
Thank you! I imagine my Jumbo will follow in the footsteps of your OMC. That’s sort of been the case since your OMC build thread here on AGF, which got me thinking about commissioning a build with Nick and then of doing this thread.

Originally Posted by Diamondave View Post
EPIC....!!!!! Congrats
YES!!! And thanks!
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