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I took the guitar out around 11pm last night, after waiting about 7 hours. It looks amazing! I don't know what the physics behind it is, but the varnish looks "deep", even though it's actually a thinner coat than the lacquer Nick usually puts on. The amber color it gives the wood is really beautiful, the top is the color of a 30 year old guitar. And it smells good!

I only tried it out a little bit last night, but it was late and I was exhausted from a long day -- so exhausted that my fingers felt like rubber and I could barely play -- so I only really tested it out this morning.

I got a text from Nick this morning at 10:46 (so 7:46am his time), saying :"I have a horror movie going on in my head, you open the case and you hated it and you string it up, it sounds like crap and then I'm a real conman."
I had texted Nick yesterday early evening to let him know the guitar had arrived and that I was letting it slowly warm up before taking it out. Then shortly after I briefly looked at the guitar, I conked out and went to sleep.
Nick was obviously worried all night when I didn't get back to him after I checked out the guitar. So I texted Nick back that the guitar is beautiful and I really like the sound.
"That's good, I can go to sleep in peace."

The guitar sounds as fantastic as it looks. Throughout the past months I kept trying to imagine what the sound would be like, but the sound in my head was my Franklin Dread. The Jumbo is different. It has a lot of sparkle and presence as well as a strong bass. The Dread is mahogany and the notes are more fundamental and woody while the jumbo has the characteristics of a rosewood: lots of overtones and an almost bell-like ring. (And it really rings!) It's quite balanced across the strings and up the neck. It has the sensitivity and great trebles of an OM, but with really piano-like bass.
It also sounds new, although I'm not exactly sure how to quantify that, and I'm curious to see how it opens up.
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