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There is an old Irish joke - a traveller sees a farmer by a gate and asks him - "which is the best wat to Dublin?"
The farmer sucks on his pipe and says. "Well, If I was going to Dublin, I wouldn't' start from here".

My point is that you are struggling to understand chord progressions and melody lines from a points somewhere in the middle without, seemingly, knowing where you started or your destination.

I understand this - because that's how I started.

In fairness to you and all who have tried to help here, I think that yur best way forward is to sit down face to face with someone who can teach you, not only the guitar but the basis of music.
I'm not talking about classicla theory, learning notation or all that stuff - necessarily - just about scales, about major, minor and 7th chord constructions, commonly used chord progressions and (what was a revelation to me) "harmonising the scale".

Find a local guitar teacher.
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