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I like the way you think, Who. My wife got me a Strings Club card along with a few other gifts this Christmas, and I couldn't figure it out. I thought I could just go to the store, pick out a set of strings, and have them deducted from the card, with maybe some kind of percentage taken off, so I was taken back a bit when the clerk asked me for $5. (I'm too old to think in terms of an "associate," so excuse me for referring to him as a "clerk." An associate in my world makes big bucks. I'm not sure Guitar Center is that generous.) Anyway, it seems to me that UNLESS I buy strings frequently, or once a month (whichever comes first), her initial outlay of $20 is going to go to GC, and the longer I put off buying strings, the less I save on the cost. But here is the big long will a set of strings last in their original package? If 2-3 years is not a big deal, I could go for stocking up, since my local GC (like everything else in Bergen County) is within walking distance.
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