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Default McJam 2020(OHIO) #13

We have had 2 more newbies sign up for this annual event.

Rodger and I are already setting up the schedule.

You know your favorite music will be a part of the scene if you area playing tunes. Bruce knows all the best songs and encourages others to join in jam circles. If you prefer not to play, but just hang around the group to listen, its all good.

There are annual shop tours for newbies and regulars tend to join in to learn a little more about the McKnight Guitars. We also gather attendees to see some type of guitar work being done by Tim at the McKnight work bench.

I hope you add your name on the list now but rest assured you won't need to pay your non-refundable payment until the week of June 1 - 7. It bears mentioning that you do not need to own a McKnight Guitar to attend and participate in the food, fun and festivities.

McKnight t-shirts need to be worn on site so if you have not purchased in advance please contact me ASAP so I can get your size ordered and printed in plenty of time.

Dennis (Cigarfan), Tim and I are looking forward to showing you Dennis' custom built blue blingy McKnight guitar. Some of you have been watching the thread in the custom section of the AGF, but Dennis will make good to play it for us first hand in person as he is going to pick it up for the first time that weekend. Please do plan to be at the Open mic area that evening. Maybe Dennis will let you touch it.

We always enjoy when attendees bring their McKnight Guitars "home" to let Momma and Papa touch and listen to their own life story. David, Kurt and Rodger's McKnight collections have grown over the years, but if you own one guitar and plan to bring it with you Tim will look it over. In doing this we all can hear of your individual adventures.

Not everyone chooses to play their guitars here. Sometimes it is just fun to talk at lunch or over snacks. Nobody goes away hungry. Meals are pot luck as locals bring a covered dish and I will be sure there is more on the table than necessary. Leftover food is never wasted. We spread the blessings of sharing meals with local families.

Sign up now or any time in advance. I will add you to the list,

🐟 ... make a joyful noise ...

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