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Originally Posted by jab.phila View Post
…with time always a limiting factor, what encouragement or suggestions do you have on the value or best approach for me learning some piano basics to grow in my guitar playing? My thoughts are improving basic musicality like ear and stronger theory, but I'm not sure it's worth it just because it feels like I'm already getting at some of that through the guitar and starting piano puts me at the very foot of some huge mountain.

Appreciate whatever support, insight and practical suggestions are out there in the AGF universe.

Thanks, Jake
Hi Jake

I'm biased in favor of piano. I have a degree in music, and a minor in theory. Music theory is best taught and learned on piano, and then it translates well to other instruments.

I cannot speak to whether it's worth it to you. I play several instruments, and life began for me musically in 3rd grade with accordion (which I played for the next 12 years), and trumpet, vocal training, piano, and eventually guitar.

Chords are best visualized on keyboards, as are scales.

Many junior colleges have a piano lab and offer 1 or 2 semester theory classes.

My brother told all 7 of his children they could play any instrument they wanted after they took a year of piano, which all 7 did. All 7 went on to play other instruments quite well, and when visiting their home, I've often overheard most of them slip into the den unprompted to play piano for a while.

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