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Originally Posted by 1bad914 View Post
Thank you for the comments. I grain fill with zpoxy. It usually takes 2-3 coats. I scrape it flat then sand to 320. I then apply 15-20 thin coats of minwax wipe on poly. I use a well washed t-shirt, fold it into a little 2 inch square so no edges are exposed. I wipe the poly on in the same direction. Overlapping each pull. Always pull off the edges. You can run it along the sides. I do the bottom first, starting in the middle and pulling down to the bottom. You can tell if it is to dry. I can get about 3 rows before I need more in my cloth. These are thin coats. To thick and it runs. I do the entire guitar with a coat and wait 3-4 hours between coats. Yes it can take days. I put 15-20 coats on. Itís okay if you wait a day or two between coats. Donít get discouraged, it takes about 7 coats for it to start looking good. After all the coats are done, I wait about a week to let it dry. I then start wet sanding at 800-1000-1500-2000 grit paper. I then machine buff it with rubbing compound, then machine polish it with polishing compound. I use 3M automotive compounds. You can buy them at a local auto body paint supply store. I use a wool wheel for the rubbing and foam wheel for the polish. Be careful with the sanding, you can go through, but if you do you can stop, let it dry and load on 5-6 spot coats in that area and fix it.
I'd like to make a suggestion: on an acoustic guitar, I'd recommend that you at least seal the top with shellac before the oil. The reason for this is that PolyOil is thin and will penetrate a softwood like spruce or cedar and in doing so, can dampen its responsiveness. The shellac will prevent penetration.
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