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Default Sam Darnold--Wouldn't Blame Him If He Was Crotchety After That T.J. Watt Punch

So Sam Darnold is minding his own business, dropping back for a pass late in the second quarter of the Jets-Pittsburgh game yesterday. His Jets are leading 10-3 at the time, and the Jets will eventually go on to win 16-10, providing New York with their sixth victory of the season.

And Sam played very well, actually, throwing for a touchdown with zero interceptions, completing 16 of 26 passes for 183 yards to compile an official passer rating of 95.5 (the NFL passer rating average is 91, by the way).

But, Sam Darnold did indeed fumble the ball away, once--on a wicked strip-sack by T. J. Watt.

If you watch the closeup replay of that incident, you couldn't blame Sam if he happened to turn crotchety after the brutal assault.

Watch the following video, and note where T. J. Watt strikes Sam Darnold during the strip-sack:

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