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Meanwhile, over in the NFL Least, my 7-7 Eagles and the 7-7 Cowboys will match-up in a game that, remarkably, someone kinda has to win. If they could both lose, I'm sure they'd find a way. The Eagles have two healthy wide receivers this week, both of whom were mainstays of the practice squad less than a month ago, and a decimated O-line. They needed semi-miraculous QB play by Carson Wentz just to squeak by the atrociously bad Giants and Redskins the past two weeks, after losing to the equally horrible Dolphins the week before. Dallas, meanwhile, is relatively healthy and coming off a win over the pretty good Rams. So, barring, a massive choke, Dallas should win. But massive chokes are what the Cowboys DO! So we'll see.

One of these poor teams will win and have the honor of being absolutely humiliated by an actual football team the first week of the playoffs. I've hated the Cowboys longer and deeper than any other franchise in sports but I almost kind of hope they win this one, so it's them that get's wasted by the 49ers or Vikings or whoever in the first week of the playoffs... I fully expect to be watching this year's playoffs without a dog in the hunt, at which point I can just hope for the Patriots and Cowboys to lose, but it's a low stress kind of thing when you're team is out playing golf...

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