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Originally Posted by Brucebubs View Post
I would not be reaming holes in any guitar to get $4.50 pins to fit.

I've used those exact same bone pins myself.

They are not hard to thin down - I used a small flat file , slowly , bit by bit, rotate the pin, check for fit.

Worked beautifully.
thanks because actually I had hoped to put them in my Epi AJ500MNS which already has the stock bone bridge and nut. However, the guitar came with two or three types of pins, three black, and three white but one looks a little smaller so at the onset I'd like all the pins to match.

I don't have any file so I think I will just use the technique of wrapping a piece of sandpaper around it and keep grinding it down. that'a good tip on cutting the grove a little higher and I may try that if I need to.

I'm thinking about ordering some ebony pins, too, and see if they may fit better. And ... they're about $1 cheaper or so.
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