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Originally Posted by Chipotle View Post
It really depends on your purpose for recording. Is it just for you, to capture the moment? Is it something you are going to share? How widely?

Finally, does it have to be done in one take?

I was recently collaborating on a project and just. couldn't. nail. the. part. I was frustrated. There was always something I didn't like. But finally, I realized, I can do it over as many times as I need. In as small a chunk as I need. Digital recording is great that way. So, I went back and pieced it together. Sometimes I would punch in to fix just one or two notes at a time. Other times, I would grab a good section of take, and just fly it in (copy/paste) to wherever else it needed to go that wasn't quite as good. Comping it together in the end took some work, but I had a "perfect take" when I was finished. Something I could share and be satisfied with. No one but me needed to know it was pieced together.

Recently here there was a thread noting that even in the old tape days, with amazing artists and recordings we have all heard, they did it that way. So no need for me to feel bad, if that's what the pros do.

You might feel differently (and if it's for video, you have fewer options and maybe have to learn to settle with certain mistakes), but it works for me.
^This. I cut and paste, insert, edit like a mad man to get the song just like I want it. Even though I am playing both guitar and vocals I record them separate.

If I have a finger picking intro for example I will play it 20 times in a row on the same track and keep the best one.

For vocals I accepted I will never be able to do one take all the way through like I want it. I will open up 4 tracks and sing the same verse over and over then cut and paste the perfect combination.

Keep working at it if it's important to you and you will find the right formula.
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