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One last time together today with my keyboard playing buddy. We recorded a few tracks on the Spire Studio, with a plan to take that home with me, add a bass and percussion track, and then send it back to my friend so he can add another enhanced keyboard track with a synth he has ordered.

With that done, we all sat down for lunch, then Mark and I just happily made music. My wife asked if we'd learn the song Shallow (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper); we downloaded lyrics and did a first raw run-through on it...

If the embedded file doesn't work:

So, not on the Spire (but we'll probably get to that down the road), this was just shot with my wife's iPhone. Not great lighting or audio, but she appreciates having the memory.

Our time here is getting short, but I'm looking forward to getting home and having a space for recording.
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