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Hope this could be the Spire, but always getting that “boomy” effect from the room acoustics. Half way up the stairway on the left seems to be best for keeping it under control 🤪. But we move it all over the room looking for a solution. Note that we are playing thru a PA. I had read an article about room acoustics and using sound deadening panels, covering the windows and so on.
Well, while shaking my head at the possibility of ever being able to understand what sound engineers are talking about I must have caused two brain cells to collide and make a spark.
A 2’ square of bubble wrap and a couple pieces of tape later....we fashioned a little igloo and placed the spire inside with the mic right at the entrance. The room pretty much went away. Have not tried different locations or materials, but it’s coming.
If any of this works for you please send me a Taylor 814 (prefer a shiny new one if you don’t mind) in exchange for the technology licensing.
Please let me know if you try this and if it worked for you.
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