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Originally Posted by M Sarad View Post
I watched Pierre Bensusan auger in on a difficult passage one night at Kevin Ryan’s house concert. He didn’t drop the tempo, but it was a sho k to him and me since I hade seen him at least a half dozen times or more with never a mistake.
After the room cleared he looked at me and let go with a string of salty descriptors about what had happened. He played it perfectly and I put the guitar in the case for him,

Last Friday I had a gig with the electric band, The Huckleberries. Playing outside with poor lighting, I discovered that I couldn’t see the fret board from where I was. Wrong notes came stumbling out faster than greased lightning. I threw my hands up in the air yelling, “ I can’t see!”, and then hit the next chord in time. After that, I was fine and hit all my solos perfectly.
These Huckleberries ?
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