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Originally Posted by JakeStone View Post
Appreciate the comments.
I am really working on quality of sound.

This track was recorded with 1 mic.. It is difficult to get the "right" mix.
Yes good news is with one mic you completely eliminate any possible phase issues (which definitely helps with clean)
The bad news is you can't EQ or Compress "separately" to carve out some difference between vocal and guitar. And sans any stereo effect to create stereo effect the sound tends be more center focused .

About all you can do is compress for more overall presence for both (then go back and make you sure you are still getting the balance between vocal and guitar that you want ) And you can EQ overall to clear low end mudd with a high pass filter try say somewhere between 50 to 90 hz .... and possibly (depending on the recording itself, and what your ears tell you) a slight low mid frequency cut (maybe 2 to 4 db) with a medium Q centered around 500hz
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