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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
As the price of digital cameras came down, every amateur that could afford a couple grand for a camera and some lenses was now "a professional photographer." Fortunately for us, we had sold the business prior to that.
I might have had something to do with that... in the late 90s / early 2000s, I sold a few thousand courses on the subject of starting a people and pet photo business from home ~ charging high up front fees ~ and being "open" only when you want.

Used to get some nasty letters from "old pros" with high overhead and atiquated business models. Kinda fun... wish I had kept some of the best rants. Glad you sold out!
I would love to see the composite history project happen, however, doing it as a book is fitting an ongoing story into a format with a fixed beginning and end. And the economics stink. There are better options and ones that would allow ongoing expansion of the idea and profitability on the back end.
That said, print run books can be done with sponsors paying the upfront costs. I have done that.

Or you can use print on demand services like Create Space or Ingram. Aside from a computer and software, your only costs would be an ISBN number. And the world would be your market. I have a book that is live now and sells mostly in England. That would be impractical if I had to print and ship from the U.S.

In any case, making something can be cheap and easy. The key to success ~ and often the cost ~ is in the marketing and promotion.
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