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Originally Posted by Justin_024 View Post
So I just bought a martin j40 2018 model brand new
Got it from sweetwater and it is horrible. Tuning machine heads are the hardest I have ever turned(only some not all). Also neck has relief in it plenty actually and buzzes like alot. It was setup factory for medium strings I paid sweetwater before shipping to set it up for light strings. It plays and sounds like crap. One of the most uncomfortable guitars to play for some reason. I have been playing with the same strings day in and out for years with no pain and on this guitar my fingers hurt from open chords and they are hard to ring out. What the hell is wrong with this guitar lol. It's amazing looking and deep down I feel like it could sound and play amazing but I just dont know what is wrong with it. Brand new 4,000 dollar guitar should sing amazing and play the same or if not easier then my 2017 martin m36 or my 2015 gibson songwriter. Sad to say but I would take a taylor over this j40 with how it plays and sounds.
Amazing what a good or bad setup can do, if you really like the look of the guitar and the tone, then find someone that is good at doing Setupís, setting a guitar up well is different to selling a guitar, to building a guitar or to repairing a guitar,

some people possess the skills across all aspects of guitar work, some do not, find someone who has a good rep in setups.

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