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Being completely ignorant on the topic, does the Rainson WS1000 N2 come without the "barn door" preamp?

Also, I'm a bit surprised at the price. I understand that workmaship in CF is very high, but I would have expected the cost of entry to be much lower for a quality guitar.

Perhaps that is why they aren't more popular? The cost of the CF equivalent to the iconic stature of the D-28, costs more than a D-28. I guess many would opt for the D-28.

I think if I played in less hospitable climates, or did many outdoor shows, I might be more inclined to give one of these a try.

I kind of wish there was a used one available locally to take a flyer on. Or, better yet, a buddy with one. ;-)

I'm doing a few shows and festivals this summer, and I could see one coming in handy.
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