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Default Cordoba C-10 Dissapointment

Well, I ordered a C-10 and was highly dissapointed in the lack of tonal qualities it had. It was very thin sounding, certainly not an 899 dollar guitar, but that is not to say that someone else may not like that kiind of sound. It just did not grab me, you know? Well, I guess it is finiding the right one.

I also tryed a Yamaha CG192S, one of their newer series and was fuilly impressed. I have got to say that Yamaha has their quality control down, and I will not ever be hesitant to buy one of their classicals. Cordoba seems to be too inconsistant at best.

The C10 I received did not have a glossy finish, but sort of like a semi gloss look to it??? As well, you could actually see the different color of the wood where the top meets in the middle of the bridge. I dod not think that was attractive at all.

Well, that is my take on the C10, not impressed, but it could take just the right one I guess, but from now on, no more cordobas for a long ime.
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