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duly noted Chris .... thank you for your feedback. You shouldn't have to sort through guitars like you sort through the apple or orange bins at the supermarket. Our Q/C guys should tackle any issues prior to the guitar leaving us. Our goal is Q/C overseas before the guitar leaves for the US, Q/C when the guitar arrives to our warehouse, then final Q/C before the guitar leaves for the dealer/customer. There are systems, procedures and processes in place to assure all of that is happening. BUT, the world is an imperfect place --- we have to rely on our people at every step along the way, and guitars can and do change and react over time. Also, please bear in mind aspects like "improper neck angle" are often subjective.

We also keep detailed notes and stats on all the guitars that are returned. As soon as we indentify a problem trend, we go about solving that issue. We also recently hired another dedicated Q/C person for our warehouse - prior to his arrival, the guy Q/C'ing was also picking and handling other duties. Our new guy is a guitar builder by trade and an awesome set-up guy ... none of this excuses less than ideal Q/C at the dealer level, but I hope it does give you some confidence that we do care, we do take action, and our quality is always getting better as we grow the company.


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