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Good job so far! It starts out clean, but like with so many of us entropy takes over, doesn't it? Don't worry, you're getting there.

I've actually been trying to get this one down myself and have been at it for a few months now. The tapping is tough but if you break it down into individual phrases and remember to be firm with the RH tapping it does get easier. What's helped me is the realization that the "percussion" of this song switches from the thumb slap to the actual tapping action itself.

Here's the good part: you phrasing is actually pretty good and very true to McKee's. I can hear a lot of the same flourishes and the notes all ring out nice and clear. I also have to compliment you on your recorded tone. Both the guitar and your recording rig really make this attempt shine.

That being said, tempo seems to be your biggest obstacle. It's very fast and it seems to get away from you at times. Practice with a metronome or the original recording and remember to breathe. The object is to get a feel for the groove. Once you feel it then your timing should even out and you'll feel calmer when playing this piece.

Good luck!
~ Neil (sofa player, shower singer and basement whittler)
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