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Originally Posted by The Watchman View Post
Marley, you know that you can take a photo of the color (or a guitar) to a paint shop (like Sherwin Williams) and they can computer scan it to get a color match. But paint is different than dye, if you want the grain to show.
Great suggestion! It may come down to that If I can't find or mix my own color. I may be getting closer. I would prefer die or stain but I'm not sure I can get this color in a stain or can they put any color into a quart of clear stain? Not a poly stain or anything like that just a stain only.

But I have used paint, acrylic paint, to use as a stain and it works beautifully. I put it on raw wood and wipe it off, sometimes it takes a few times and sometimes even sanding in-between, but not always. In the end you have a bold colored piece of wood that you can see every grain of that wood through the paint. It's certainly not as ideal as stain but it gets the job done if you're working with unusual colors and you want to see wood grain. If you don't want to see grain you just slap the paint on slightly thicker.
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