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Originally Posted by Rudy4 View Post

Zoom R8 and a good set of headphones. She can record anywhere, not tied to her computer. (Tascam is also a choice...)

The huge advantage of this comes from the creativity side of the equation. It's super-easy and you don't get sidetracked by manipulating the technology. Recording is intimidating enough, let alone without needing to worry about the tons of things that you need to concern yourself with. Much better to hit the red button and have a hardware device that is designed to be easy to operate. Save all the complex stuff for when you're sitting behind the DAW screen, no instrument in hand.

Step 2:
If she ends up with anything she wants to take further in the process of production then the tracks can be imported into her computer and edited or manipulated within any DAW she jells with.
THIS!!! Amazing technology but really pretty simple. She/you can even email me directly with questions if you need to. Not an expert, just pretty fluent with it. Under $300, I'm sure.
- Sean

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