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Default Rainsong Jumbo near Central Virginia?

I am not close to you at all (Duluth, MN) so I can't help you there but I just bought a JM1000 about a month ago. I ordered it from a great guitar shop in Madison, WI (Madison Music.) I've bought loads of guitars from them and we have a really good relationship.

I had the option to send it back if I didn't like it.

I was smitten after the very first strum and there was no way they were getting this guitar back.

It's really, really nice! I've owned several Goodalls, Collings, Taylors, Gibsons, etc and I really think I could be happy with the JM1000 as my only guitar.

I have a limited edition J45 which I thought was the best sounding acoustic I had ever played. I might like the JM1000 better! The sound is huge with so much clarity. Just perfect for my playing style.

Order one from a place that will let you return it. I don't think you'll be sorry!

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