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Originally Posted by Joseph Hanna View Post
There is a guy (who'll go un-named) who despite a long string of major hits chose to remain and live in the Mid-West.
there's not a lot of mystery as to whom you are referring. has this artist gone by two different names during his career? and the stuff on the room is correct. in the early '90s, i was lucky enough to record some solo acoustic/vocal tracks at one of the last of the great studios in north hollywood. my buddy was an ae there, and he was allowed to use it after midnight, if nobody was tracking. yes, they had a closet full of the best mics in the world, and all the fixin's (mic pres,etc), but even throwing a 57 in front of the guitar (taylor 710 at that time) produced some sublime sounds.

i think we finally decided on an old akg c12 for the guitar mic, but like i said, anything would have sounded great. it was quite humbling. of course, i lost the old ampex 2" tape somewhere along my divorce a couple years alter, and we were mixing down to vhs tape. shoestring, late night budget...these were just demos i was trying to use at the time. i will never forget how good those tracks sounded, though.

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