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Default -other mic considerations;

Originally Posted by Eclectic Guitar View Post
Both the Heil PR-30 & PR-40 are supposed to be great for Acoustic guitar & voice.

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned these mics on this guitar forum.

Does anyone know of the relative merits of the Heil PR-30 and Heil PR-40 re acoustic guitar recording ?

As the PR-40 is said to have great rear sound rejection, -maybe it could be an answer for my recording situation ?

(My research so far tells me that the Heil PR-30 is the one for acoustic guitar & vocal recording.)

-Also the very affordable Audix 0M5 dynamic cardioid has lately come to my attention, -it is said, by some to be the best sound dynamic on the market. It is supposed to have a condenser like sound (-a "very very good sound") and a tight pick-up pattern, & also "has the best rear rejection of any mic made."

In lue of the knowledge that condensers will not in fact pick up more room noise than dynamic cardioids (per say), -it seems also well worth while considering the the CAD E-100s -tight pattern, good on acoustic guitar and vox. (-A real gem for a great price.)

-A fellow recently advised me, "If ambient/environmental noise is an issue, I would refrain from most LDC's. *One exception I have to that is the CAD E-100s (US version)."

It's supposed to be quite good for acoustic guitars & many other things.

-He said, "Over an RE-20, SM-7b, and the PR40. Even my C414xls has nothing over it in terms of detail or pick-up pattern."

Doeas anyone have any experience with the Audix OM5 dynamic cardioid or the CAD E-100s LDC ?
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