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Originally Posted by JHey! View Post
That is a correct YouTube address to use here at AGF.

Originally Posted by JHey! View Post
Rick, I have looked at it, my wife has looked at it, and we still don’t get it. I am trying to do it on my phone (and the app) so maybe the functionality is limited or different. I apologize. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work on it.
Try this workaround--unless, of course, that specific phone and/or app mysteriously won't embed a YouTube video, to begin with:

1) Use this AGF code (without the quotes at beginning and end, of course, placed there solely to force the AGF YouTube embedding code to resolve here: ["YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE"] . Copy and paste that embedding code somewhere for reference for future use.

2) Copy and paste the YouTube address between those two bracketed and all-caps YOUTUBE "words." As in this configuration (without the quotes at the beginning and end, of course--placed there to force the entire example to resolve: ["YOUTUBE]Your YouTube URL Goes Here[/YOUTUBE"].

Thus (without those quotes at beginning and end of the AGF YouTube embedding code)--the YouTube video with that address XWS1IRF_IFA :

If in doubt about any step in the process, just hit the Quote button to this message and you'll see all the correct YouTube coding behind the embedded video in the quoted message.

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