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I distribute a regular audio piece, usually less than 5 minutes, consisting of original music and (almost always) someone else's words. I use the same listings and methods as podcasts, which are predominately now hour long interviews, audio documentaries or folks yakking about their interests.

I consider it counter-programming, but I know I'm also going against the tide there in the podcast world. Over the three years my stuff was once primarily listened to via podcast services (Apple podcasts, et al) and now is increasing listened to via a player on my blog.

A few years back I tried to sign up to use Soundcloud to stream my podcast. My memory was that I couldn't get their sign up for that level of their service to work, so while I have a Soundcloud account, I rarely use it. As a musician's tool it has a reputation a being strong on rap/hip hop discovery.

Spotify was easy to sign up for podcast distribution and reliable. Alas, they are not a great podcast listening platform in that you can't really queue up podcasts in a playlist manner (yes, podcast makers and listener remind them regularly that would be good to add). I assume I get some discovery via Spotify because of the large number of subscribers, but it's still only about 15% of my listeners.

As has been mentioned above, both Spotify and Soundcloud are used primarily as music streaming services, and to list your music on it as music, many go through separate services to get listed just like the folks from the big record labels etc.
PART TWO (I had to leave as I was posting....)

OK, now the big factor. None of these services create tons of listeners just because you exist on them. Yes, there's some look around and see what I can find discovery that happens, but it's small. In my case, as poor self-promoter, most of my listeners happen via web search discovery and because I'm in a niche (poetry, often by well-known writers) that is rare enough that those that are interested seek it out.

So let's say you sign up for CDBaby or one of the other services that will get your music on iTunes, Spotify, and so on. Assuming you have a local live following, or a good sized group of family and friends who find your work worthwhile, and you have the money to spare for the fees, it may be worth it. If you don't have that built in core of listeners, working very hard at "networking" online can "grow" them. You'll need to spend more time on that than creating the music though.

All of this may be things you already know. I just want to get across to you in case you don't or to others who may read the thread, that just being on Spotify or Soundcloud or streaming service x y or z gains very few listeners just by itself.
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