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Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
It does indeed! It also includes the improvised coda. (The intro is pretty easy, in fact. It's those bends in the main sequence that are the real challenge, IMO.)

Have you seen this version:
- she gets that intro note for note (pretty much), and the rest of it is excellent. She doesn't quite play all his position choices (in the main sequence), and some of her timing is a little different, but it's an impressively faithful rendition.
Yes, I've seen a lot of her videos. Great news for me! I actually play a lot of Reynardine with my own fingering, which I found much easier (below the 5th fret), which use the treble strings, where Bert didn't.

I've often wondered why Bert prefered to play up the neck on the wound strings, it's as if he wanted to avoid using the two unwound strings. It is those two strings that I didn't like and led me, eventually, to the Spanish guitar. I wonder from time to time if Bert had similar ideas; preferring softer sounds.

Maybe you know Jon?

And for those bends... I ended up sliding up a fret. Too much for me on steel strings, physically, and pretty hard to bend so far, note wise, on nylon.
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