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@LouieAtienza I expect some surface repairs will be necessary. If there are pinholes, they need to be filled. If you detect an airpocket between the gelcoat and the fiberglass backing, you have to drill a hole and fill it with expoxy glue.

I expect that the raised area for the reusable vacuumbag seal has some places that need to be repaired as well. The plugs sealing clearcoat started to seperate from the wood because of a chemical reaction with the high temperature release wax (you can`t plan for things like this), so i think it will have a rocky surface in some places. You then have to sand it to make a rough surface for bonding and then apply gelcoat and sand it flat.

Todat the curing of the gelcoat went completely wrong, the back was starting to arch up, creating an airpocket between the plug (guitar shape) and the molds surface. I had to choose between ripping the gelcoat off and ruining it (150 Euro loss), or continue with fiberglass backing for dimentional stability, i chose the latter. I can not afford to loose these materials, there is no backup and it`s on a loan. If this fails i will have a direct loss of more then 500 Euro in materials, but if there are no guitar bodies i will loose 10000 Euro, and i will be paying back for the next 10 years. In the best case scenario, the back had an arch 2 millimeter more then planned. 2 Millimeter is a lot if you spend 6 weeks perfecting a shape. In the worst scenario, there is a weird line or edge, i wont know untill this is seperated. I will know in 1 to 2 weeks. If the back is arched 2 mm more then planned, i can live with it, as long as it`s even and without a weird edge.

It didnt even reach 60 degrees yet in the box, i think the heatsource was just to close, the issue is only in the back of the guitar, the rest is still making contact, thankfully.

Here is a movie demonstrating the undesirable air pocket between the plug and the mold surface :

This movie is right after i discovered it, it was about 5 millimeter then, it schrunk back to a 2 mm gap now.
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