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Default Custom CF Wood Hybrid 2.0


This thread is a continuation of this thread (per request of the mod) :

This thread is about a guitar model called the Hybrid 2.0. It used carbon fiber and fiberglass as well as wood for a balanced instrument and soundprofile. The back + sides + neck + head are all 1 laminated composite component, the entire front is made from wood, as well as internal wood.

I am currently in the stage of building brand new tooling. Hybrid 1.0 had a failed crowdfunding, but then i got a 10000 Euro loan, that is why i am bringing this model to the next level in terms of quality.


Layer 2 of gelcoat.

Had to wait 8 hours. I want another coat on this,maybe even 2, so that means i have to set my alarm at 4 o clock at night, or stay awake. Chemicals have to be treated as described in the instructions manual. It takes as long as it takes.

build, learn, grow
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