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Originally Posted by redir View Post
It has less to do with perfect fit and more to do with proper clamping time and pressure. As an added bonus if your bindings are off a bit roping pulls them in tight.

If you are building perfect guitars then congrats. But the OP is asking a question that most of us mere mortals have addressed in many ways that has made less then perfect perfect by other means.
I respectfully disagree. If good prep work on the channels and binding is made a priority, then there's no need for things like high pressure clamping to compensate for poor prep work. Thing is, good prep work is not rocket surgery. It can be easily done even by mere mortals like me.

As for the OP's binding problem, maybe clamping the crap out of it or some other trick would make the less than perfect perfect for this guitar, but wouldn't it be helpful to figure out why there's a problem in the first place so as to avoid it happening again in the future?

JboneCapo - You said "Binding is 7mm x 2mm probably too deep". The bindings I use are typically very close to those dimensions and have worked fine for a number of different types of wood on guitars with tight waist bends and 15' radius backs so I doubt that is causing the difficulty.

What is your setup for routing the binding channels? A tower? Something else? I wonder if something was off when routing the channels.

What do you do to prep the channels before installing the binding?
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