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Originally Posted by FiggyPudding18 View Post
how could the action get messed up on a brand new guitar already?
1. the setup was poor from the factory
2. the setup was for some "average" player who might not be you or how you play
3. it can be a long way from the factory to the retailer, with very different environmental conditions along the way or at the final destination.

I'm currently taking a break from playing for a couple of weeks because a strain that kept getting worse in my fretting hand index finger. I'm pretty sure the main reason this happened was just overuse, practicing "scrunchy" thumb chords that scrunched the index finger repeatedly and maybe pressing down too hard.
"Back in the day", I played 5 hours per day. I never had hand problems.

That you have hand problems suggests improvement in technique/ergonomics is required and/or improvement in the setup of your instrument.

I measured the action using a Baroque string action ruler and got 2.75 mm at 6th string, 12th fret, and 2.25 mm at the 1st string, 12th fret.
Do you think it's worth getting set up?
That's higher than "typical" low action.

There is more to a setup than simply string height at the 12th fret. If you find it harder to play than you like, and you are experiencing hand problems from playing, start with a setup to make the instrument easier to play.
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