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Default Should I get my guitar set up?

Picture of string action:

Hi all, I bought my first guitar three months ago, a Martin D15M. I know some people say you should get your guitar set up right away, but admittedly that did not make sense to me--how could the action get messed up on a brand new guitar already?

Well, I've gone back and forth about this. I'm currently taking a break from playing for a couple of weeks because a strain that kept getting worse in my fretting hand index finger. I'm pretty sure the main reason this happened was just overuse, practicing "scrunchy" thumb chords that scrunched the index finger repeatedly and maybe pressing down too hard.

I'm now considering the idea that maybe my string action could be better as well. I measured the action using a Baroque string action ruler and got 2.75 mm at 6th string, 12th fret, and 2.25 mm at the 1st string, 12th fret.

I fingerpick and strum on this guitar. Do you think it's worth getting set up?

Thanks a lot
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