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Originally Posted by Bunny64 View Post
-It does have a truss rod which should be helpful in this regard?
The truss rod's one and only function is to adjust the amount of relief in the neck. If the relief if okay, it is irrelevant unless the relief increases and becomes excessive, something not usually a problem on a nylon string guitar. It can happen, but rarely.

-It may well not be as badly intoned s a traditional classical guitar?
Chances are it is just the same.

-If some of the strings are sharp at the 12th fret I need to lengthen those strings over the saddle?

-This would possibly be done by removing material from the front of the saddle?
Yes, but doing so will likely lower the string height in the process. Not much, but some.

-Assuming I want to play all over the neck what deficit in intonation is allowable before it becomes obvious? Do i just trust my ear?
Trust your ear. A good ear can distinguish between pitches about 2 cents apart. Much more than that and it becomes obviously out of tune.

Finally i have done basic set ups on steel string guitars so should this be within my competence or would you guys recommend a pro set-up?
The basics are the largely same. Preferences differ between the two. If you have never had a good setup done by a skilled professional you ought to have one done so you see what is possible.

If so how much would one expect to pay?
It depends on the person, their location and what needs to be done. Likely anywhere from $50 to $150.
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