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Default Wow!

Thanks for that Charles. I think I am seeing the picture now thanks to all you guys. If I do go ahead with the particular Cordoba model(C5CE) correct me if I'm wrong but:

-It does have a truss rod which should be helpful in this regard?
-It may well not be as badly intoned s a traditional classical guitar?
-If some of the strings are sharp at the 12th fret I need to lengthen those strings over the saddle?
-This would possibly be done by removing material from the front of the saddle?
-Assuming I want to play all over the neck what deficit in intonation is allowable before it becomes obvious? Do i just trust my ear?

Finally i have done basic set ups on steel string guitars so should this be within my competence or would you guys recommend a pro set-up? If so how much would one expect to pay?

PS Thanks to Rick for initiating this thread which has been so useful to me a novice in the field of nylon string guitars.
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