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Originally Posted by Bunny64 View Post
What struck me trying out guitars at the store was that many had poor intonation. Is this a feature with classical style guitars? Also how easy is it to set intonation on classical guitars?
Like most mass produced guitars at a good price from any brand: intonation will be just slightly off in varying degrees but also keep in mind the ones you've tried probably haven't had their strings changed recently..or ever.

Once you've got new strings on it and have given them up to 2 weeks to really really settle (nylon takes alot longer to stretch out and fully settle than steel) then check the intonation again to get a much more accurate measurement of how far off or how close to perfect they are.

I've been wondering about intonation on nylon stringed guitars aswell
Skip to 4:20 (4 minutes and 20 seconds) or if you want to hear alittle bit about how steel string intonation is set in comparison to nylon start at 1:15 (1 minute 15 seconds) instead
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