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Originally Posted by Hanter View Post
I think there ought to be some update here, just in case people are wondering. Well I am back from my roadtrip to Asheville, and it was a wonderful experience. The city is a quaint and beautiful one, and according to John there are only a handful of them like that in the US. Breathtaking scenery and nature trails, a diverse and fantastic palette of restaurant choices, safe, awesome arts and music scene, no wonder John chose to retire there! I can say with some certainty that it will not be my last trip to Asheville....

But anyway! Back to the matter at hand. The Tunnel 14 / Cocobolo West Coast looked so much better in person, with that almost peach-colored Tunnel 14 top and everything was so tastefully appointed. The tone (with no disrespect to Al Petteway and his recording devices) sounded much better too in the flesh, balanced and sweet, no harshness at all, with dynamism all round. I think this combination of tonewoods is a real winner.

I did not leave Asheville with the guitar. I know it must sound pretty confusing at this point, but long story short....... John liked the guitar so much he wanted to take this guitar for Woodstock (and any other shows this year) and make this the showpiece for 2021. We quickly reached an agreement that the only way I would part with this guitar was if he was willing to build me an instrument that was more superlative than the one I held.

So....... I guess we have another build thread coming soon!
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