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Thanks to everyone who has been following along and for your kind words. Those of you who have been diligently following AGF would have known that my guitar has been completed!

I'm also very excited to say that while the woods are coming to terms with their new life in the form of an instrument in John's shop, I will be personally driving to pick up the guitar from the North Carolina mountains sometime end of the month. John and I are very concerned and cautious about COVID, so unfortunately my visit will not include the customary shop tour, flipping through the wood stash (hmm I wonder what for???) and strumming the first chords in front of John.

The handover process will be more like

Hanter: "Hey John I'm pulling up right about now."

John: "Ok I'm putting the guitar on the front porch now......... Ok. Done. I'm going back inside the house."

Hanter: "Ok. Coming out of the car to collect it now.......Collected."

Eventful (or not) as it might be, I will have the peace of mind knowing it won't be in the merciless hands of shippers in the middle of winter. And I'll be spending a few days in beautiful Asheville

Also, for everyone's convenience, here are the links to the threads of the finished shots of my guitar that John kindly took and Al Petteway's recording:

I have had some friends tell me that the Dropbox link was not working very well, so I've tried to upload the video to YouTube. Hope this works!

I'll be back with a review of the guitar!
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