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Hi folks, I've been quite busy giving these online zoom lessons, and enjoyed meeting many.

Due to time differences between the USA and the UK, most meetings are in the mornings in the US (mid afternoon for me).
I tend to keep meetings to only one a day, and in case anyone is interested, I now have vacancies on alternative Tuesdays from 24/11 (or 11/24) on and Fridays starting from this week.

I don't have a "syllabus" or a programme as such, as I try to match the sessions to what the "client" wants to learn'/understand.

Please here or leave a comment on this forum, or a comment on my YouTube video.

Silly Moustache,
Elderly singer, guitarist, dobrolist and mandolinist.

Hey folks, I'm now offering one to one lessons/meetings via Zoom! See:
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