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I also remember seeing this clip previously. It was fascinating to watch it again.

The idea that there were a couple of notes in the scale that Paul Simon had not used up until the bridge and that he wanted to work them into the song because adding these notes would be "refreshing to the ear" for the listener. That was a new concept for me.

I just finished reading Paul Simon: The Life and I found myself fascinated and somewhat puzzled by his approach to songwriting.

I found this clip interesting, too, because Paul Simon was very good-natured about Dick Cavett's constant kidding and interruptions. It's also fascinating that Paul Simon would open himself up like this in talking about an unfinished song and what to do to finish it.

This interview gives a person a little hint of the kind of tenacity Paul Simon carried with him throughout his life. It was this tenacity that allowed him to keep going after new and different musical ideas long after most performers would have given up. His music wasn't just about getting girls; it was a lifelong obsession to find and compose what for him was really rewarding music.

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