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I had a Martin and a baden with the on board Aura and it was pretty nice. Later I ended up buying a second hand Peavey era Composite Acoustics GXI with the Fishman Aura on board and holy crap! I recorded a backing track for someone direct into my interface and it really sounded like the guitar had a high quality condenser in front of it. It floored me! sadly the neck on that guitar was just too wide for me which was really depressing because it sounded so good both unplugged and plugged in. If I had the money, I'd order a X20 or X30 with the Aura just because I am so curious. I imagine it would bump up the price quite a bit to have one of those with the Emerald as opposed to the standard electronics package they include. (Which is not bad...but not great either in my opinion.)
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