Thread: Want To Buy: Eastman Ar805 or AR905 (16")
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Originally Posted by tdq View Post
You're in the UK, right? I was in London recently - Ivor Mairants definitely has a nice range of Eastman archtops, I'm fairly certain that they had these models there (although from memory one of them was a seven string...) Eastman acoustic archtops are definitely on my radar and I tried a couple - awesome - but I can't quite remember what specific models they were. You might want to ring and check first.
Hi, sorry I'm late picking up on your post. Yes Mairants has a fair amount of Eastmans and show a sold AR804 which I might have fallen for, but the AR805 is no longer a standard item so they can't help me.

Anyway I saw your YouTube link and have been enjoying your music. Great stuff and May? on when did you leave heaven - what a lovely voice!

Thanks for the contact and for the music.
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