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Thank you everyone.

I ended up going down the rabbit hole of vintage Japanese classical guitars. Seemed only fitting since my original is one too.

I found a 1975 Aranjuez (Kohno made top) No.5, for a good price on Reverb.

Solid cedar top (made by Kohno with a 7 fan bracing style)
Solid or bilaminate rosewood back and sides (I've seen conflicting info, looks solid though because the grain patterns seem to match inside and out).

It's a lovely guitar. Just needed some cleaning and a new saddle and it was good to go. Very lively and rich tone. Easy to play.

Here's a video clip:

It does provide an interesting contrast to my original guitar. The differences of: solid vs. bilaminate, 3 fans vs. 7 fans, and rosewood vs. mahogany. It really highlights just how good an all laminate, 3 fan braced classical guitar can sound.

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