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Default <$1500 classical guitar

Originally Posted by kudama View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm not a classical player, but I am a fingerstyle player. Like many of you a classical guitar was my first. And I still have that guitar; a mystery Japanese brand guitar from the 60's/70's, all bi-laminate but feather light and plays great. I'm actually a huge fan of this guitar (it was my Grandmother's), it's the guitar I taught myself on. And it's one I come back to all the time. It's definitely a lower end guitar; has only 3 fan braces (instead of 5 or 7) and it looks to be a Cedar/Mahogany combo.

So I'm interested in an upgrade. But I don't really know where to start. In a perfect world, there's just a better version of my old guitar. Like a vintage Japanese all solid cedar/mahogany guitar. But I doubt that exists.

My criteria:
Budget - less than $1500
Not a crossover - I like the classical body shape and full size neck
Solid Cedar top
Solid (mahogany or rosewood?) back and sides

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Strongly urge you to consider the Kremona Romida Cedar ($1200) or the Takamine C132S ($1100).
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