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Default Classical Guitar Recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I'm not a classical player, but I am a fingerstyle player. Like many of you a classical guitar was my first. And I still have that guitar; a mystery Japanese brand guitar from the 60's/70's, all bi-laminate but feather light and plays great. I'm actually a huge fan of this guitar (it was my Grandmother's), it's the guitar I taught myself on. And it's one I come back to all the time. It's definitely a lower end guitar; has only 3 fan braces (instead of 5 or 7) and it looks to be a Cedar/Mahogany combo.

So I'm interested in an upgrade. But I don't really know where to start. In a perfect world, there's just a better version of my old guitar. Like a vintage Japanese all solid cedar/mahogany guitar. But I doubt that exists.

My criteria:
Budget - less than $1500
Not a crossover - I like the classical body shape and full size neck
Solid Cedar top
Solid (mahogany or rosewood?) back and sides

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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